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In English

Sampsa Simpanen. Stand up-comedian and radio host. Funny guy.

Teddy bear that looks like a Hell’s Angel, but used to be a pastor, before starting the professional comedy career.

Father of three small kids and afraid of nothing. Except staying home.

Pastoral duties are now a part of Sampsa’s history, but are still a big part of Sampsa and his comedy.

Sampsa has an unique way of looking in facts of life. He has a warm precense and is very likeable by the audiences. his stories capture and take the audience to places they didn’t anticipate.

Sampsa is an cofein-addict who is strugling in mid-life crisis. He challenges the audience and sometime also himself.

Sampsa has won ”Palatsi Stand Up-Champion” competition in Tampere in may 2014.

He’s a regular host in 3rd most listened radiochannel in Finland.

Mob: +358-40-732-7509

Mob: +358-45-866-8313